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Public Release: 15-Nov-2018

Infinite-dimensional symmetry opens up possibility of a new physics -- and new particles

Faculty of Physics University of Warsaw
Public Release: 14-Nov-2018

Gravitational waves from a merged hyper-massive neutron star

Royal Astronomical Society
Public Release: 14-Nov-2018

Earth's magnetic field measured using artificial stars at 90 kilometers altitude

Johannes Gutenberg Universitaet Mainz
Public Release: 14-Nov-2018

Super-Earth discovered around the second nearest stellar system

Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
Public Release: 14-Nov-2018

Cold Super-Earth found orbiting second-closest star system to our own

Carnegie Institution for Science
Public Release: 14-Nov-2018

Super-Earth orbiting Barnard's Star

Public Release: 8-Nov-2018

Aging a flock of stars in the Wild Duck Cluster

University of Arizona