News by Subject Chemistry & Physics

Public Release: 22-May-2018

Non-plasma high-speed anisotropic diamond etching with nickel in 1000°C water vapor

Kanazawa University
Public Release: 21-May-2018

New technique reveals 3D shape of nanostructure's polariton interaction

Lehigh University
Public Release: 21-May-2018

Discovery for grouping atoms invokes Pasteur

University of Sydney
Public Release: 17-May-2018

Supersonic waves may help electronics beat the heat

DOE/Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Public Release: 17-May-2018

Keep the light off: A material with improved mechanical performance in the dark

Nagoya University
Public Release: 16-May-2018

New device could increase battery life of electronics by a hundred-fold

University of Missouri-Columbia
Public Release: 15-May-2018

Analysis of causality principle for the conductivity of graphene

Kazan Federal University
Public Release: 14-May-2018

Frequency-stable laser systems for space

Forschungsverbund Berlin