News by Subject Chemistry & Physics

Public Release: 19-Sep-2018

Commercially relevant bismuth-based thin film processing

Osaka University
Public Release: 19-Sep-2018

Two quantum dots are better than one: Using one dot to sense changes in another

Osaka University
Public Release: 18-Sep-2018

Quantum anomaly -- breaking a classical symmetry with ultracold atoms

ARC Centre of Excellence in Future Low-Energy Electronics Technologies
Public Release: 17-Sep-2018

Modeling crystal behavior: Towards answers in self-organization

Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo
Public Release: 12-Sep-2018

Nano-sandwiching improves heat transfer, prevents overheating in nanoelectronics

University of Illinois at Chicago
Public Release: 6-Sep-2018

Researchers use silicon nanoparticles for enhancing solar cells efficiency

ITMO University