News by Subject Chemistry & Physics

News Release 16-Sep-2019

KATRIN cuts the mass estimate for the elusive neutrino in half

University of Washington
News Release 11-Sep-2019

Milestones on the way to the nuclear clock

Vienna University of Technology
News Release 11-Sep-2019

Students make neutrons dance beneath UC Berkeley campus

University of California - Berkeley
News Release 5-Sep-2019

Scientists measure precise proton radius to help resolve decade-old puzzle

York University
News Release 26-Aug-2019

Historical gathering: International meeting of the discoverers of chemical elements

Helmholtz Association
News Release 22-Aug-2019

Temperatures of 800 billion degrees in the cosmic kitchen

Technical University of Munich (TUM)
News Release 20-Aug-2019

Stardust in the Antarctic snow

Technical University of Munich (TUM)
News Release 19-Aug-2019

Lithium fluoride crystals 'see' heavy ions with high energies

The Henryk Niewodniczanski Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences