News by Subject Earth Science

Public Release: 17-Jan-2019

Millions of Americans exposed to elevated nitrate levels in drinking water

Silent Spring Institute
Public Release: 16-Jan-2019

Ice Age climate caused sediment sourcing 180 in Gulf of Mexico

University of Texas at Austin
Public Release: 15-Jan-2019

Researchers develop new zoning tool that provides global topographic datasets in minutes

Arizona State University
Public Release: 14-Jan-2019

Antarctic ice sheet could suffer a one-two climate punch

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Public Release: 14-Jan-2019

Central Texas salamanders, including newly identified species, at risk of extinction

University of Texas at Austin
Public Release: 14-Jan-2019

UN warns of rising levels of toxic brine as desalination plants meet growing water needs

United Nations University - Institute for Water, Environment and Health
Public Release: 11-Jan-2019

Kent State ecologist part of global collaboration to answer global change questions

Kent State University