News by Subject Earth Science

Public Release: 22-Nov-2017

Growing teeth and a backbone: Studies trace early origins of skeletal tissues

Marine Biological Laboratory
Public Release: 22-Nov-2017

Bacteria as pacemaker for the intestine

Kiel University
Public Release: 22-Nov-2017

Do birdsong and human speech share biological roots?

McGill University
Public Release: 22-Nov-2017

Mysterious deep-Earth seismic signature explained

Carnegie Institution for Science
Public Release: 21-Nov-2017

Penn study identifies new malaria parasites in wild bonobos

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Public Release: 21-Nov-2017

Finding their inner bird: Using modern genomics to turn alligator scales into birdlike feathers

Molecular Biology and Evolution (Oxford University Press)
Public Release: 20-Nov-2017

Ancient barley took high road to China

Washington University in St. Louis