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Both directions at once
The challenge of controlling climate change is a goal that, to many, appears to be at odds with the equally important goal of energy security. However, the idea that the two goals are somehow mutually exclusive is not one accepted by ORNL energy researcher David Greene. "We don't want to sacrifice one for the other," he says. "We want -- and we believe it possible -- to achieve environmental goals and energy security goals at the same time.

Contact: ORNL Review
DOE/Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The secrets of Darwin's dinobird
For centuries, the field of archaeology has depended on what's visible to the naked eye. Now, researchers are revealing what lies beneath the surface of a key evolutionary fossil, Darwin's "dinobird."

Contact: SLAC Office of Communications
DOE/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Mother of pearl secret revealed
Advanced Light Source scientists Andreas Scholl and Nobumichi Tamura were part of a team that used beams from the PEEM-3 and x-ray diffraction microscopes to reveal new secrets behind the mysterious formation of mother of pearl, or nacre, the inner lining of the shells of abalone and certain other mollusks.

Contact: Lynn Yarris
DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Argonne, UChicago researchers pursue grasses as Earth-friendly biofuel
At a small site on the Batavia campus of Fermilab, ecologist Julie Jastrow of Argonne National Laboratory pushes the scientific frontier in a new and exciting way: she watches the grass grow.

Contact: Angela Hardin
DOE/Argonne National Laboratory

US Secretary of Energy concludes productive G8+3 Energy Ministerial Meeting in Japan
US Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman today concluded his weekend visit to Aomori, Japan where he participated in the Five-Country and the Group of Eight, China, India and Korea Energy Ministerial meetings hosted by Japan's Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Akira Amari. While in Japan, the Secretary met with ministers and other high-level government officials from G8 countries, China, India and Korea to discuss ways to enhance global energy security, while simultaneously combating global climate change.

Contact: Bethany Shively
DOE/US Department of Energy

DOE technology monitors CO2 injection in Australian gas field
Australia has launched the first carbon sequestration project in the southern hemisphere with the help of technology developed by researchers at the US Department of Energy. The Otway Basin Pilot Project will inject and monitor carbon dioxide in a depleted gas field in southeastern Australia to demonstrate the feasibility of storing the greenhouse gas in the Waarre Formation of the Otway Basin, and similar formations worldwide, to fight global climate change.

Contact: Mike Jacobs
DOE/US Department of Energy

US Department of Energy to provide up to $2.4M to advance solar energy in 12 US cities
US Department of Energy Secretary Samuel W. Bodman today announced that DOE will make available up to $2.4 million to 12 cities across the country selected as Solar America Cities, chosen for their commitment and comprehensive approach to the deployment of solar technologies and the development of sustainable solar infrastructures. These projects further President Bush's Solar America Initiative, which aims to make electricity from solar photovoltaics cost-competitive with conventional electricity by 2015.

Contact: Megan Barnett
DOE/US Department of Energy

DOE announces strategic Engineering and Technology Roadmap for cleanup of Cold War era nuclear waste
The US Department of Energy released an Engineering and Technology Roadmap, which details initiatives aimed at reducing the technical risks and uncertainties associated with cleaning up Cold War era nuclear waste over the next ten years.

Contact: Joann Wardrip
DOE/US Department of Energy

Showing stories 176-183 out of 183 stories.
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