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NETL's primary mission is to ensure that U.S. fossil energy resources can meet increasing demand for affordable energy without compromising the quality of life for future generations of Americans. Within this context, NETL historically focused on the development of advanced technologies related to coal and natural gas. With the recent addition of the National Petroleum Technology Office to the laboratory, responsibilities now cover the breadth of fossil energy resources—coal, natural gas, and oil.

In addition to NETL's work in fossil energy, the laboratory has in recent years broadened its mission to include support to the development and deployment of environmental technologies that lower the cost and reduce the risk of cleaning up the Department of Energy's weapons complex.

NETL is a unique entity within DOE—both its mission and approach to achieving that mission differ from those of other national laboratories. The laboratory is federally operated—a mode of operation that is common in other agencies, but not the norm within DOE. More important, perhaps, is how NETL conducts its mission. While NETL performs important research within its laboratories, it also places great emphasis on partnering with industrial, academic, and other governmental stakeholders to create commercially viable technical solutions to energy and environmental problems.



NETL's green projects promise energy efficiency all year round

NETL's green projects promise energy efficiency all year round

Forty years after the first Earth Day, it is almost second nature to toss a can or plastic bottle into the recycling bin, but being green is about much more than reusing materials. Just as individuals make a personal decision to "reduce, reuse, and recycle," businesses, industry, and other organizations are making the same commitment to being green.

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Innovative coal-based product bumps petroleum out of equation

A team headed by West Virginia University has developed and successfully demonstrated a synthetic binder pitch that uses hydrocarbons from coal to supplement or replace petroleum feedstocks.

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Innovative coal-based product bumps petroleum out of equation

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Phone: 304-285-0228
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Location: Pittsburgh, PA; Morgantown, WV

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