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Savannah River National Laboratory puts science to work to create and deploy practical, high-value, cost-effective technology solutions. With its focus on applied research and development, SRNL supports customers throughout DOE, at other federal agencies, across the country and around the world.

The Laboratory was established in 1951, initially to provide technology research and development support for the startup and operation of the U.S. Department of Energy's Savannah River Site. Over the decades, it developed into an internationally-recognized laboratory, with outstanding expertise in hydrogen technology, materials science, environmental research, robotics engineering, analytical chemistry, hazardous material stabilization, and technologies for non-proliferation and national security.

In 2004, the Secretary of Energy designated it the Savannah River National Laboratory, the country's newest National Laboratory. In early 2006, the laboratory was further designated as the DOE Office of Environmental Management's "corporate laboratory". In this capacity, in addition to developing, testing and deploying technologies and processes to help address environmental needs across the nationwide DOE complex, SRNL helps EM develop and implement strategies for using engineering and technology to meet national goals.

SRNL is managed and operated for DOE by Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC.



Powering the cars of the future

Powering the cars of the future

When you pull up to a filling station in the future, just what will you be "filling up" with? Will you recharge your batteries from an electrical outlet, pump in fuel made from scrap wood or grass, or perhaps feed your fuel cell with hydrogen? Researchers at the US Department of Energy are working on all of these options to power our cars in cleaner, practical, and cost competitive ways.

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Contact: Angeline French
Phone: (803) 725-2854
Email: angeline.french@srnl.doe.gov
Location: Savannah River Site Aiken, SC 29808

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