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Idaho National Laboratory

The INL is a multi-program laboratory that supports the DOE's missions and business lines of environmental quality, energy resources, science and technology, and national security. The mission of the INL is to:

1. Deliver science-based, engineered solutions to the challenges of DOE's missions areas, other federal agencies, and industrial clients

2. Complete environmental cleanup responsibly and cost-effectively using innovative science and engineering capabilities

3. Provide leadership and support to optimize the value of EM investments and strategic partnerships throughout the DOE complex

4. Enhance scientific and technical talent, facilities, and equipment to best serve national and regional interests.

Lab Links

 Nuclear and Energy Systems Nuclear Programs

 National Security

 Subsurface Science Science Research

 Environment and Energy Science Division

 Energy and Engineering Technology Division

 Energy Efficiency and Technology Division

 New Generation of Nuclear Energy (Gen IV)

Programs Run by Idaho National Laboratory

DOE Hydropower Program

DOE Electric Vehicle Field Operations Program

National Spent Fuel Nuclear Fuel Program

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