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A national lab with global impact

Albert Einstein once said, "Imagination encircles the world." At Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, we take this message to heart. The innovations of our scientists and engineers not only address some of the most critical challenges facing our nation—they are making a mark on the world.

Pacific Northwest is a U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory; however, our efforts extend far beyond the geographic boundaries of this country. Our work for government agencies and industry clients, both in the United States and abroad, has global impact.

As we strive to expand scientific knowledge and deliver new technologies, we are tackling tough global issues such as climate change, energy efficiency and environmental concerns. We develop technologies to help keep the world safe from nuclear, chemical and biological threats and support programs that prevent proliferation. Our research is building an understanding of how cells communicate with one another that could lead to better detection, treatment and even prevention of diseases like cancer. We also investigate more environmentally friendly ways to generate energy and explore methods to store carbon in the earth to control carbon dioxide releases to the atmosphere.

Even our approach to research and development has become more global in recent years. We recognize that science is no longer based on single disciplines. Single researchers or isolated teams are not as likely to make the significant discoveries and breakthrough advancements needed to solve today's complex problems.

Instead, we take an interdisciplinary approach. Along with our unique competency in molecular science, we bring together biological, physical and information sciences. We look for opportunities to form partnerships with others, working with clients and collaborating with researchers from around the globe. The William R. Wiley Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory, a national user facility here on our campus, also serves as a world-class international scientific resource.

As I complete my first year as Laboratory Director, I have been particularly impressed by the breadth and depth of Pacific Northwest's breakthrough research and development. With our staff's diverse capabilities, we can form teams with unique expertise to tackle a myriad of issues. I am proud of our dedicated staff members who travel all over the globe and take time away from their families to do such important work. In the years ahead, I look forward to seeing our researchers continue to explore the frontiers of science and technology—and in doing so—make our world a better place.

—Lura Powell, Laboratory Director



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