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Reading, writing and nanoscience?

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has opened its doors to scholars of nanoscience by hosting the new "Intensive Courses in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology." Billed as one of science's hottest and most rapidly evolving fields, nanoscience involves the study of materials and their properties at the molecular level.

The courses are co-taught by scientists and university researchers with an emphasis on hands-on experiences using advanced scientific and technological tools at PNNL. The course is an outcome of the Joint Institute for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. PNNL and the University of Washington formed the Institute in 2001 to enhance nanoscience efforts in the region. More than 25 universities from all over the country have signed on to participate in program courses offered by PNNL, UW and Washington State University. UW received $370,000 from the National Science Foundation to launch the courses. For more information, see the UW's Center for Nanotechnology.



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