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PNNL introduces savvy new information tool

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has a new Web site that offers a vast array of information, both relevant and easy to access. Paired with Google search technology, the site is highly visible and provides unencumbered avenues to information on PNNL science and technology and their applications.

The new Web site incorporates four primary mission areas that highlight the Lab's commitment to research in national security, energy, the environment and fundamental science. Commitment to PNNL's visitors, both public and private, was considered throughout the design process.

Improved pages with access to technologies available for commercialization have a fresh new look and feel. The new design will allow industry professionals to navigate easily through the large number of available technologies that PNNL has to offer. Technologies are organized according to potential industry application, which enables users to focus on technologies relevant to their needs.

Beyond available technologies, the Web site offers a clearer path for doing business with PNNL. Whether contracting research projects or procuring a contract to supply paper products to the Lab, site visitors can find the information they need for a successful business experience with PNNL.

Other key features of the upgraded site interface are continuous highlights of PNNL's latest scientific achievements, front-page access to news releases and publications, and easy-to-navigate paths to the Laboratory's research divisions.

The new Web site showcases PNNL's multi-purpose delivery of science and solutions as a tremendous asset in the Department of Energy portfolio of national laboratories. Breakthroughs readers are encouraged to learn more about PNNL by visiting the site at http://www.pnl.gov.



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