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PNNL receives national safety award

Caption: Left to right: Vern Madson, Cindy Caldwell, Steve Smith, all of PNNL, and Roger Briggs, DOE Pacific Northwest Site Office, accept the award on behalf of PNNL.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has been recognized as one of America's Safest Companies as featured in Occupational Hazards magazine's November 2006 issue.

Each year, the honor is given to a group of companies that demonstrate their management-supported safety processes, involvement from staff and innovative solutions to safety challenges.

The winning organizations must demonstrate solid safety performance and a commitment to safety education and communications.

"They (PNNL) get the symbiotic relationship between productivity, profits, morale, and employee retention," said Sandy Smith, chief editor of Occupational Hazards.

PNNL is the first Battelle-managed laboratory and multi-program national laboratory to win this respected award. Previous winners include Alcoa, Bechtel Group Inc., Dow Chemical Co., and DuPont.



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