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Secretary Bodman meets with Qatari officials to promote energy expansion efforts

Thanks US troops at Camp As-Sayliyah in Qatar for their service

Secretary Bodman and Qatari Deputy Prime Minister and Energy Minister Abdullah Al-Attiyah discuss Qatar’s efforts to promote energy expansion during the fourth stop of the Secretary’s six-nation visit through the Middle East and Europe.

DOHA, QATAR – On his fourth stop of a six-nation swing through the Middle East and Europe, U.S. Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman today met with Qatari Amir H.H. Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani and Qatari Deputy Prime Minister and Energy Minister Abdullah Al-Attiyah to discuss the importance of investments to expand oil and natural gas production, protect critical energy infrastructure as well as promote research and development to diversify world energy supplies. Secretary Bodman also visited U.S. troops at Camp As-Sayliyah to convey the respect and appreciation of the American people for their efforts to promote freedom and democracy.

“The U.S. and Qatar have a long history of bilateral energy cooperation and together our nations play a key role in promoting diversity of the world’s energy supplies and suppliers, global energy efficiency, and investments to expand energy resources,” Secretary Bodman said. “Qatar’s ongoing efforts to expand natural gas production and to secure and protect its energy infrastructure are critical to regional and global energy integration and security.”

During his bilateral energy discussions with Emir Al-Thani and Minister Al-Attiyah, Secretary Bodman highlighted Qatar’s investments to expand their oil and natural gas capacity and production as well as the importance of ensuring that world markets are well-supplied. Secretary Bodman also praised Qatar’s plans to create a regional higher education center in Doha, touting the role of competitiveness and scientific innovation to meet global energy challenges. While in Doha, Secretary Bodman also addressed the American Business Community where he discussed the role of a transparent investment climate as well as the importance of accelerating the use of technologies and techniques to expand petroleum production.

Before departing Qatar, Secretary Bodman and his wife Diane Bodman visited U.S. troops at Camp As-Sayliyah. Secretary Bodman thanked the men and women at Camp As-Sayliyah for their efforts to protect freedom and promote democracy.

“When I visited Camp As-Sayliyah in 2005, the troops impressed me with their spirit and confidence,” Secretary Bodman said. “It is an honor and a privilege to return to express my respect, as well as the appreciation of the American people, for all that you do to advance freedom and democracy in the world.”

Qatar is the fourth stop in Secretary Bodman’s ten day, six-nation visit to the Middle East and Europe. Prior to arriving in Doha, Secretary Bodman visited government officials and business leaders in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. He will also travel to Egypt to continue dialogues with global leaders, enhance the United States’ relationship with oil and gas producing nations, promote sustained investment in conventional and alternative energy sources, and encourage improvements in global energy efficiency through breakthrough technologies. Before returning to the United States, Secretary Bodman will participate in the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.



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