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Entomological Society of America

It's easy being green on St. Patrick's Day

An insect fair for all ages -- keeping Connecticut's forests green, streams clean, and bees seen

Thousands of insects and a swarm of entomologists will converge on Hartford for the 83rd Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America, Eastern Branch. The meeting will include a free public program for all ages, "It's a Bug's World." This event will be held on Saturday, March 17 from 10:00am-3:00pm at the Hilton Hartford. "Bug's World" will feature informational displays, demonstrations and activities, including:

  • Protect our trees, displays about invasive, tree destroying insects and a beetle-hunting wasp that finds tree pests the way bomb-sniffing dogs find bombs, CT Agricultural Experiment Station,

  • Insects and other invertebrates that serve as indicators of water quality in Connecticut's streams, by CT DEEP's Bureau of Water Protection and Land Reuse

  • How bees turn flower nectar into honey, and a honey tasting by the 2012 American Honey Princess, Danielle Dale,

  • A photo gallery of Connecticut's diversity of bees

  • Bedbug research and professional training, CT Agricultural Experiment Station,

  • Ellie, the bed bug scent detector dog, Quest Pest Control

  • Chances for kids to paint watercolor insects with professional Nature illustrator, Dinah Wells

  • Reptiles and amphibians that depend on insects as food, CT Children's Museum,

  • Presentations by the Environmental Science students, Magnet School at Mary Hooker,

  • Prehistoric insects, perfectly preserved in amber,

  • Insect kits, cricket musicians, Build-a-Bug, face painting, and balloon art.

The Entomological Society's scientific meeting sessions will be held March 16-19, 2012, at the Hilton Hartford. The three-day meeting will draw entomologists from northeastern and mid-Atlantic states and several Canadian provinces who will attend symposia on identifying and managing insect pests such as the brown marmorated stink bug and bedbugs, pollinator health, insects intercepted in international cargo and several other topics. In addition, there are submitted paper and poster presentations, and student competitions.


The Entomological Society of America (ESA) is the largest organization in the world dedicated to the science, magic, and mystery of the world's most abundant life form -- insects. With more than 6,000 active members, the ESA helps to promote understanding of insects and solve world problems associated with them, including world hunger, disease prevention, and urban pest control. ESA is a 501c(3) not-for-profit membership society headquartered in Lanham, MD. www.entsoc.org.

For more information about "It's a Bug's World" contact the Program organizer, Faith Kuehn, Delaware Department of Agriculture at (302) 698-4587 or Faith.Kuehn@state.de.us. The Hilton Hartford is located at 315 Trumbull St., Hartford, CT 06103, telephone 860-728-5151.