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The 2007 AAAS-EurekAlert! Fellowships for International Science Reporters is sponsored by EurekAlert! and AAAS. The fellowship winners will participate in the 2007 AAAS Annual Meeting from February 15 - 19 in San Francisco, California.
Four fellows were chosen by a judge from an applicant pool of reporters nominated by their editors at leading Chinese media organizations. Dr. William Chang of the US National Science Foundation's Beijing office was the independent judge for the award. Read more about the 2007 fellowship winners below

Gong Yidong

China Features | China

Yidong began science writing only two years ago, but has since developed a great love for it. Yidong hopes to become a well-established and well-informed science writer, with a focus on research and science policy. He is particularly interested in exploring what contributions science and technology can make to help ensure a sustainable future for China, and for the world. Read one of Yidong's articles, titled "China Bets Big on Big Science."

Jane Wu

China Daily | China

Jane joined China Daily as a reporter in 2002 receiving a bachelor's degree in English. She currently writes both hard news and features for the newspaper while moonlighting as a freelancer for SciDev.Net and as an editor for Global Environment Review, an e-magazine about environmental protection published by US Environmental Defense China Program. Her scientific interests include climate change, computer and information technologies, astronomy and botany. Jane is one of the winners of the 2007 Good News Prize of the Association of Capital Women Reporters. Read Jane's recent article, "Amazonian Snail fails to live up to its exotic name."

Yanhong Wang

Xinhua News Agency | China

Yanhong started her journalism career in 1995, and switched to science journalism in 1997. During 2000 to 2003, she served as the science correspondent in Xinhua's London bureau. After that, she worked in the agency's Beijing headquarters writing and editing foreign science news for its international news department. She recently moved to New York to start a new role working with the agency's U.N. Bureau. Yanhong is interested in fundamental physical constants, space exploration, drug addiction and the brain, interfaces to nervous system, stem cell research, as well as the study of gender issues in the sciences. Read one of Yanhong's articles (written in Chinese), titled "Opening Brain Gate."

Samuel Guo

Beijing Times | China

Samuel has worked as a reporter for three years. He currently writes for the Beijing Times newspaper, which belongs to People's Daily, and shares one-third of the circulation in the Beijing newspaper market. Samuel describes his greatest challenge as a reporter as presenting detailed and obtuse scientific information to a broad audience. He looks forward to learning additional communication strategies at the AAAS Annual Meeting. Read Samuel's article (written in Chinese), titled "Substorm is the real director of Aurora."

In addition to the fellows identified through the judging process, two honorary fellows were chosen in recognition of their excellence in science reporting and for their efforts to champion accurate, unbiased coverage in the world of science journalism. The 2007 honorary fellows are Ding Yimin, with the Xinhua News Agency, and Jia Hepeng, with China Daily and SciDev.Net.