Past Recipients |

Congratulations to the following outstanding journalists who received the 2013 AAAS-EurekAlert! Fellowships for International Science Reporters, sponsored by EurekAlert!.

Five fellows were chosen from an applicant pool of reporters nominated by their editors at leading media outlets in Latin America.

The recipients of the 2013 fellowships are:

Victoria Renata Sanchez Hernandez

QUO Magazine | Mexico

Victoria is a science journalist and the web editor of Quo magazine, a mexican's publication wich interest topics on science, technology and the explanation of science in every day life. She wrote in El Universal newspaper, wich allowed to made the coverage of the Jack F. Ealy Science Workshop, in conjunction with the Instituto of the Americas in La Jolla California, and the local editions in different cities of Mexico in 2011. Most of her work is based in the analysis of different projects and contributions of mexican scientists, especially women.

Sofia Moutinho

Ciencia Hoje | Brazil

Sofia is a Brazilian science journalist working at Ciencia Hoje, a non-profit website and magazine that focuses on science. Ciencia Hoje is affiliated with the Sociedade Brasileira para o Progresso da Ciencia (Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science). In 2011, Sofia was given the opportunity to visit the European Southern Observatory in the Atacama desert in Chile. The trip provided her the opportunity to publish five stories about astronomy, science policy and telescope technologies for Ciencia Hoje.

Marcos Chumpitaz Sanchez

Publimetro, El Comercio, SOMOS | Peru

With 9 years experience, Marcos has had the opportunity to write about GM foods, cancer prevention, health and the environment, renewable energies, among many other topics. He writes for three media outlets, and continues to work on his personal goal of starting a website specializing in science and health. Marcos believes that the greatest challenge as a science reporter is to educate people, and produce information that will improve everyone's quality of life.

Alejandra Vargas

La Nacion | Costa Rica

Alejandra graduated from the University of Costa Rica with a masters degree in Natural Resource Management. She is currently a science editor for La Nacion, and began her employment as a reporter with La Nacion in 2004. Alejandra was also a professional violinist, and graduated from the University of Costa Rica, School of Performing Arts. Rather than pursue a career as a muscian, she turned to science journalism as her passion in life. Alejandra was awarded a National Journalism Award in 2000 for a story on increased incidents of multiple births in Costa Rica.

Lucas Viano

La Voz del Interior | Argentina

Lucas has been a journalist for five years, and is currently a reporter for the magazine La Voz del Interior. In 2008, Lucas was awarded the Jack Ealy Science Journalism Fellowship, which provided him the opportunity to visit scientific institutions in California. Lucas graduated from the Universitat Ponpeu Fabra in Spain with a masters degree in Science Communication. Lucas had the opportunity to report from the Rio +20 Summit in Brazil after receiving a grant from the Earth Journalism Network.