About EurekAlert! Multimedia

General Information

The Multimedia Gallery on EurekAlert! was established in response to a growing demand for multimedia among the global journalism community.

As financial support for print-based science journalism has declined in the United States and some other regions in recent years, alternate communications mechanisms — including radio and television broadcasts and online reporting — have begun to place new demands on public information officers at leading research organizations. At the same time, the proliferation of science-news reporting in non-English-speaking regions, particularly throughout Asia, Latin America and Africa, suggests a need for new strategies to communicate science across language barriers. Efforts to convey complex scientific information to younger audiences also may be enhanced by the use of multimedia resources.

The Multimedia Gallery also seeks to serve public information officers (PIOs), who face increasing demands for multimedia, as radio, TV and online reporting have increased and print-based science journalism has declined. Also, the proliferation of science news reporting in non-English-speaking nations offers new opportunities to communicate science across language barriers. Multimedia also offers PIOs an excellent opportunity to extend their ability to reach younger audiences.

The EurekAlert! Multimedia Gallery is intended to provide a centralized, "one-stop-shopping" resource where PIOs can provide reporters with freely accessible images, audio and video files. Public visitors to EurekAlert! will have limited access to the Multimedia Gallery.

As the gallery is being populated, we encourage submitting PIOs to think in terms of multimedia files with "evergreen" communications potential — that is, generic images of, say, butterflies or dinosaurs or famous researchers that can be credited to your institution and might support coverage now or at any time in the future.


The EurekAlert! Multimedia Gallery provides reporters with free access to images, audio and video files, via a fully searchable database. Searches can be made by keywords, captions, the submitting organization, the title of any associated press releases, media type (whether an image, audio or video file) and other parameters.

All EurekAlert! annual subscribers may submit a reasonable number of images and smaller audio and video files (less than 100 MB) to EurekAlert! for no additional cost. Institutions that do not have an annual subscription also can submit standalone multimedia materials to the Multimedia Gallery on a per-file basis. Per-file multimedia submission prices are the same as EurekAlert's per-news-release fees.

Multimedia Submission Recommendations

The quality of the new EurekAlert! Multimedia Gallery ultimately will depend upon the quality of submissions. Basic guidelines follow below:

Images generally should be at least 5 inches by 7 inches in size, with a resolution of 300 dots per inch (DPI). Currently, EurekAlert! will accept images in JPEG, GIF and PNG formats.

Note — Although PIOs may choose to submit only low-resolution "teaser" images (72 dots per inch), we strongly recommend submitting high-resolution versions of each image so that reporters can readily access print-quality materials, along with any related credit information. EurekAlert!'s submission system automatically creates teaser versions of all submitted images; these teaser images are primarily intended for use by members of the general public who browse the gallery.

Video files must be in Quicktime, Windows Media, MPEG (.mpg, .mp4), or AVI format. The video bitrate should be at least 260 Kbps, and the audio bitrate should be at least 64 Kbps. The frame rate should be at least 15 fps, but ideally 24 fps or higher. Audio files should preferably be in mp3 format, but we will also accept WAV. The bitrate should be at least 64 Kbps.

All files must be no larger than 100 MB, and playing time should ideally be no longer than 4 minutes.

For best results, please submit the highest quality file that you have available, while conforming to the above guidelines. Files with higher values for resolution (images), frame rate (video), viewing size (video), and bitrate (audio & video) are considered higher quality.

Credits, Terms and Permission

Image, audio and video files can be submitted to the EurekAlert! Multimedia Gallery with or without an accompanying press release, but all submissions must include an explanatory caption, as well as preferred credit line and information on terms of usage or permission requirements, if any. In addition, you may provide a short script to accompany video files.

The shorter the credit line, the more likely it is to be used by media outlets. For example, "Courtesy John Smith, Best University," is a better credit line than, "Courtesy of Dr. John G. Smith IV, Department of Neurology and Cognitive Sciences, Center for Best Resources, Best University, Anytown, U.S.A." Similarly, captions should be concise, but complete.

Research organizations submitting multimedia files to EurekAlert! must ensure that they are the rightful owners of the material, or otherwise fully authorized to share the content with others. Public information officers are reminded to take extra care in securing appropriate rights for any multimedia materials depicting human subjects, particularly children.

EurekAlert! will include any requested credit or usage information provided by the submitting organization. In this way, submissions to the Multimedia Gallery may help to increase each submitting organization's visibility, by increasing research-news placements. We cannot guarantee, however, that all media outlets will faithfully adhere to credit-line or usage instructions in all cases. It is the sole responsibility of the submitter to enforce any credit-line requests or usage restrictions. Moreover, EurekAlert! cannot assume responsibility for multimedia content submitted by public information officers who have failed to secure proper permission to do so. Please see the Terms and Conditions section for more information about image, audio and video file use.

For More Information

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