Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Multimedia Gallery on EurekAlert!?

The Multimedia Gallery on EurekAlert! is a searchable database designed to provide reporters with images, audio and video for use in science, medical and technology news stories. Portions of the Multimedia Gallery are also available to the public.

Can I submit multimedia to the Multimedia Gallery?

To post an image, audio or video file to the Gallery, your organization must subscribe to EurekAlert! [More information about subscriptions]. EurekAlert! does not accept image submissions from the general public.

Further, you must be the owner or copyright holder of the submitted material (see Terms & Conditions for more information).

To begin posting your image, audio or video file, log onto EurekAlert! and click on Submit to EurekAlert!. If you wish to submit multimedia to accompany a press release, go to the appropriate press release submission form. Then click Multimedia in the navigation bar of the submittal form. If you wish to submit a standalone image, audio, or video file, click on the appropriate file submission link.

Can I use materials from the Multimedia Gallery on my Web site or in my publication?

Many of the images, audio and video files within the Multimedia Gallery cannot be published or redistributed by the general public. Please see the Usage Restrictions listed with each individual image to determine whether it is available for your use. You may also contact the listed contact person for more information about use.