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The Science of Nanofabrication

An online discussion with nanotechnology experts
Jillian Buriak, Ray Baughman and Ellen Williams

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When: April 19, 2005, 11 a.m. - 12 noon ET

Discussion Participants:

Featured expert Dr. Jillian Buriak is the Canada Research Chair in Inorganic and Nanoscale Materials at the University of Alberta, and a Senior Research Officer at the University of Alberta's National Institute for Nanotechnology. Buriak and her team have been involved in nanoscience, materials and catalysis research since 1997, and they have become internationally recognized for their work in the chemistry of semiconductor surface chemistry and nanolithography, and for breaking new ground in the development of new classes of soluble metal catalysts for organic synthesis.

Featured expert Dr. Ray Baughman serves as the Director of the NanoTech Institute and Robert A. Welch Professor of Chemistry at the University of Texas at Dallas.

While extreme properties having major practical and fundamental importance are observed on the nanoscale for individual carbon nanotubes, bulk materials produced by the assembly of many trillions of these nanofibers have much lower properties. Dr. Baughman and his colleagues have demonstrated inexpensive nanoscale fabrication methods that can be used to minimize this properties degradation, and even to produce commercially interesting materials whose properties exceed those of the individual nanotubes. These advances have lead to the world's toughest yarns, artificial muscles that generate a hundred times the force of natural muscle, and textiles that store electrical energy.

Featured expert Dr. Ellen Williams is a Distinguished University Professor at the University of Maryland and the Director of the University of Maryland Materials Research Science and Engineering Center. Williams' research focuses on the use of experimental surface science tools to explore fundamental issues in statistical mechanics and their practical applications in the growing field of nanotechnology. Many of her research activities exploit the power of direct imaging techniques such as scanning tunneling microscopy for exporing previously inaccessible areas of science.

The discussion will be moderated by Dr. Phillip Szuromi, Supervisory Senior Editor at Science.

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