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PeerJ and Agorà - Società Italiana Di Medicina ad Indirizzo Estetico - to launch Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine Hub

Managed collaboratively by members of Agorà and PeerJ, the Hub will become an important destination and research outlet for the aesthetic and regenerative medicine community.

Business Announcement


PeerJ has announced a new partnership with Agorà - Società Italiana Di Medicina ad Indirizzo Estetico/Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine - to develop and launch an Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine Hub. The Hub will serve as a dynamic platform for researchers and practitioners in the growing field of aesthetic and regenerative medicine.

Through this partnership, aesthetic and regenerative medicine clinicians and researchers will have the opportunity to access a dedicated channel for disseminating their research findings, fostering greater visibility and engagement within their community. Agorà’s 1300+ members will also benefit from discounted publishing, and will have the opportunity to access financial support from the Society.

Claudio Plebani, General Secretary of Agorà, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "This partnership signifies a pivotal opportunity to enhance the impact of our community's research. By leveraging PeerJ's robust publishing infrastructure, we aim to facilitate greater accessibility to high-quality, Open Access publication across the Aesthetic Medicine and Regenerative Medicine sectors. Our national and international collaborators are enthusiastic about this new initiative.”

Nathaniel Gore, Director of Communities at PeerJ, said, "We are proud to collaborate with Agorà in establishing the Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine Hub. This platform underscores our commitment to supporting community-driven initiatives that promote Open Access and collaboration within specialized fields."

The Hub will launch in Q2, 2024, and will immediately accept presubmission enquiries which will be reviewed by a Hub Editorial Team, made up of experienced researchers and clinicians who are members of the Society. Approved presubmissions will be submitted to PeerJ Life & Environment. The Hub will be presented to the community at the 2024 Aesthetic Medicine International Congress in Milan.

"We are excited to launch the Hub and welcome researchers and practitioners in aesthetic and regenerative medicine to join our community and contribute to the vibrant exchange of knowledge," remarked Francesca Arrigoni, a member of the Hub Editorial Team.

Managed collaboratively by PeerJ and members of Agorà, the Hub will become an important destination and research outlet for the aesthetic and regenerative medicine community.

About PeerJ:

PeerJ is an award-winning Open Access publisher dedicated to advancing scholarly communication and research dissemination. With a commitment to transparency, accessibility, and innovation, PeerJ empowers researchers worldwide to share their discoveries and contribute to the advancement of knowledge across diverse disciplines.

PeerJ’s first Hub was launched in partnership with the International Association for Biological Oceanography.

PeerJ is wholly owned by Taylor & Francis, an Informa Group Company.

About Agorà:

Agorà is a Scientific Society of Aesthetic Medicine founded in 1984 and currently a global leader in Aesthetic Medicine. It hosts an annual international congress and provides specialized training through its S.M.I.E.M. School and daily-courses on Aesthetic Medicine practice. Agorà collaborates with national and international institutions to advance Aesthetic Medicine practices. Through continuous research and education initiatives, it ensures excellence and safety in the field, fostering a community of physicians dedicated to promoting psycho-physical well-being. International exchanges also take place thanks to its important international congress of Aesthetic Medicine Agorà of Milan, now in its 26th edition.

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