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BPS statement supporting Black Lives Matter and ending the cycle of violence

Statement attributable to the Committee for Inclusion and Diversity (CID) and the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) and Catherine A. Royer, BPS President

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Biophysical Society

The Biophysical Society (BPS) is a scientific society devoted to fostering diversity, equality, and inclusion in the scientific enterprise and in society as a whole. We are outraged and saddened by recent events in the US. It is unacceptable that such racist violence continues to occur on a regular basis, particularly as we all face the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we weather these difficult times, the Biophysical Society remains committed to opposing the injustices imposed on African American and other minority communities. As long as minority communities continue to be subjected to dehumanizing treatment and injustice, all of society loses out.

While the death of George Floyd while in the custody of the Minneapolis police department is horrific, it is one of a continually growing list of brutal killings of black and brown Americans at the hands of law enforcement officers. Moreover, it has occurred against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic that has laid bare systemic inequalities in access to healthcare and opportunities by communities of color. As long as these communities continue to be subjected to dehumanizing treatment and injustice, society as a whole cannot thrive.

The Biophysical Society's advocacy for increased opportunity and access in the scientific enterprise does not occur in a vacuum. In the absence of a fair and just society, progress in science is threatened.

Science is a universal language. Our diverse humanity is one of the greatest assets on this planet. Let us use this collective asset to solve complex and devastating problems, both in the laboratory and in our communities. Together, let us look for opportunities to do better, both in our scientific communities and in the larger world that we are part of.

BPS stands ready to be part of the conversation and solution for the good for our global society. We rededicate ourselves to serve you, our community, better during these uncertain and difficult times.


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