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Published research on POMx shows similar health benefits to pomegranate juice

POMx, a highly concentrated form of healthy pomegranate antioxidants, becomes available to consumers for the first time in POM tea

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POM Wonderful

Three years after introducing consumers to the health benefits and delicious taste of the world's first refrigerated, super-premium pomegranate juice, POM Wonderful® announced today that it has developed a concentrated form of pomegranate antioxidants known as POMx. POMx, already being noted by medical researchers as an important natural ingredient, is so concentrated that only a small amount is needed to obtain an optimal level of daily antioxidants. For consumers who are not seeking additional calories and sugars, this is an important product benefit. POMx comes from the same Wonderful variety of pomegranates that are used to make POM Wonderful's healthy pomegranate juices. It also has a similar biochemical profile to pomegranate juice since both contain a diverse range of phytochemicals, of which polyphenols make up a large proportion. POMx is currently an active ingredient in POM Tea (, a refreshing, healthy, ready-to-drink iced tea that is available in retail stores nationally.

According to Michael Aviram, DSc, Professor of Biochemistry and Head Lipid Research Laboratory, Technion Faculty of Medicine and Rambam Medical Center, Haifa, Israel, who was at the forefront of the initial research on pomegranates, the research on POMx looks very promising. In 2006, Aviram led a study on POMx, which was recently published (Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, 2006 54:1928-1935). Commenting on this research, Professor Aviram remarks, "The results showed that POMx is as potent an antioxidant as pomegranate juice and just like pomegranate juice may protect against cardiovascular as well as other diseases."

The POMx research comes as the benefits derived from the Wonderful variety of pomegranate are, once again, being noted by the worldwide medical community. Recently, the American Association for Cancer Research published research that indicates that a daily pomegranate regimen has a positive effect for men with prostate cancer. Specifically, drinking 8 ounces of POM Wonderful pomegranate juice daily prolonged post-prostate surgery PSA doubling time from 15 to 54 months (Clinical Cancer Research, July 1, 2006). PSA is a protein marker for prostate cancer and the faster PSA levels increase in the blood of men after treatment, the greater their potential for dying of prostate cancer.

David Heber, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine and Director, UCLA Center for Human Nutrition, provided additional commentary on POMx as it relates to prostate cancer. "Basic studies indicate that the effects of POMx and POM Wonderful pomegranate juice on prostate cancer are the same. The most abundant and most active ingredients in pomegranate juice are also found in POMx."


The Wonderful variety of pomegranate is a type of pomegranate rather than a brand. Just as there are different varieties of apples, oranges and grapes, there are several different varieties of pomegranates grown in the United States and in other countries. POM Wonderful's products only use extractions from the Wonderful variety of pomegranate. Of the many published peer-reviewed medical papers that speak to the health benefits of the pomegranate, most were conducted using juice or pomegranate extract from this variety of pomegranate.

About POM Wonderful
POM Wonderful is the largest grower of the Wonderful variety of pomegranate. The company exclusively grows and sells this variety because of its exquisite sweet flavor, health benefits, large size and plentiful juice. POM Wonderful's pomegranates are grown in Central California, in the sunny San Joaquin Valley. Fresh pomegranates are in season from October through January and November is National Pomegranate Month. In addition to selling the fresh fruit, the company also juices its fresh pomegranates to make POM Wonderful pomegranate juice and POMx. To learn more, visit

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