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BMJ provides Zika virus resources to support healthcare workers

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BMJ is offering free online resources to support researchers, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to understand and respond to the global health emergency linked to the Zika virus.

The online resources are aimed at healthcare professionals located in the affected regions of Latin America, and those across the world, to help them keep up to date with the latest developments and guidance on how to advise, diagnose and treat patients.

Current free resources include an interactive news timeline, and the latest updates and research from BMJ, as well as information and guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO), Public Health England and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The collection of resources will be continuously updated as new information comes to light.

BMJ also wants to support the fast development of research around the Zika virus by enabling researchers to share their findings as quickly as possible.

Until July 2016, article publishing charges will be waived for manuscripts accepted for publication in The BMJ and BMJ's portfolio of 60 leading medical and allied science journals.

Fiona Godlee, editor in chief of The BMJ, says: "By making all the latest resources from across BMJ's products and services freely available, we are joining the global efforts to help doctors, academics and healthcare professionals to rapidly understand and respond to the global emergency associated with the Zika virus."

"We are committed to supporting healthcare workers across the world, whether they are treating patients at the point of care or simply want to be informed of the latest developments, and also to researchers trying to find out more about the virus, and its associated conditions, which can be truly devastating for families."

BMJ has joined the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors agreement to make all journal content freely accessible.


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