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New dentistry program to be introduced by Kazan University

Several institutions are making contributions to the innovative curriculum

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Kazan Federal University

This program is a result of cooperation between IFMB and the Academy of Innovative Dentistry (Moscow). The two sides signed an agreement in 2014. Yesterday they announced the work on this new project after a lecture by Dr. Dmitry Butusov (BioLase).

President-Rector of the Academy Igor Shugaylov commented, «Our Academy has two areas of expertise that are current global priorities. Firstly, there are laser technologies born in the USSR and now worked on by our physicists in the USA, Israel, and Germany, and secondly, innovations in anesthesiology - ultra-clean xenon that is used in different medical domains, including dentistry, with interesting results and prospects».

These two directions - fighting pain and treating dental diseases - are now one, said Dr. Shugaylov, and the main objective for scientists now is preventing complications. New technologies, in turn, require new professional competences from doctors.

The guest from Moscow added, «The KFU's medicine curriculum is a bit better than the ministerial one. You pay the utmost attention to the quality of education. The problem is students today are not informed about new laser technologies during their studies, they don't know how to work with modern equipment after graduating. Here at KFU I see the necessary preconditions for creating a good precedent. A new dentistry clinic is under construction, the executives make decisions to integrate the newest developments. These new technologies yield completely different results with regards to rehabilitation time and safety. I see here a positive stance from the management and excellent motivated students».

Dr. Shugaylov added that the Academy has already started shooting educational videos for the program.


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