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Experts suggest establishing general clinical endpoints for evaluating efficacy in COVID-19 vaccine trials

Safe and effective vaccines are a critical component in the control of COVID-19. Several vaccine candidates to protect COVID-19 have entered or will soon enter large-scale, phase 3, placebo-controlled randomized clinical trials.

A group of industry, government, and academic researchers propose a general set of clinical endpoints to facilitate a harmonized evaluation and comparison of the efficacy of vaccine candidates. The authors note they considered the pros and cons of various endpoints for use as primary endpoints. Additionally, the authors recommend including asymptomatic infection as a study endpoint. Read the full text:


Media contacts: A PDF for this article is not yet available. Please click the link to read full text. The lead corresponding author, Devan V. Mehrotra, PhD, can be reached through Ian McConnell at

Note: For more information about vaccine science, challenges, and progress, please see video presentations from the recent ACP and Annals of Internal Medicine COVID-19 Vaccine Forum: What Physicians Need to Know at

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