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Electrical urban transport has arrived

Business Announcement

Elhuyar Fundazioa

Group Irizar, leader in bus and coach manufacturing, has presented its first electrical urban bus. Irizar has developed a completely new fully electric propulsion system, what means a cornerstone in their product catalogue.

Tecnalia, by means of "eDrive Control" team, has actively participated in its development, and goes on collaborating with Irizar and Jema (Group Irizar) in the design of propulsion system and its power control units. Final result is a sustainable bus, which saves 33.000 litres of fuel every year and 88 tons/yr of CO2.

All safety elements have been reinforced, but total bus weight has been reduced because a number of new Aluminium alloys parts have been used. It is the first bus which accomplices safety rules for preventing rollover (R66). Energy management has been a challenge along the project, as working conditions and required power are rather different to a light vehicle.


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