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Announcing the PALM Network Spring 2016 Fellows

Inaugural class sets high standards for a growing program.

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Genetics Society of America

BETHESDA, MD -The Genetics Society of America takes an active and collaborative role in the Promoting Active Learning & Mentoring (PALM) Network, along with our partners: the American Society for Cell Biology and the American Society of Plant Biologists. PALM funds one-on-one, long-term mentorships for faculty or postdocs new to the effective biology education approaches outlined in the Vision and Change recommendations. PALM Fellows work with mentors to develop, use and evaluate evidence-based active learning strategies in their own classroom. Fellows also will disseminate their new resources in their own professional networks as well as via our Society's outlets, including GSA PREP, the CourseSource Genetics course, and education events at The Allied Genetics Conference. The longer term goal is for Fellows to catalyze enduring change that will positively influence the teaching culture at their institution.

Spring 2016 Class of PALM Fellows:

Project: Using real-time response questions in small-group, active learning exercises to assess and enhance student understanding of meiotic recombination and its critical role in the process of evolution.

Mentee: Christopher L. Baker, PhD
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow
Institution: The Jackson Laboratory
PALM Partner Affiliation: GSA

Mentor: Michelle K. Smith, PhD
Position: Assistant Professor
Institution: University of Maine
PALM Partner Affiliation: GSA

Project: Using the model roundworm C. elegans, students will conduct authentic research and generate data investigating how epigenetic information is inherited through generations

Mentee: Teresa W. Lee, PhD
Position: Postdoctoral IRACDA Fellow
Institution: Emory University School of Medicine
PALM Partner Affiliation: GSA

Mentor: Karen L. Schmeichel, PhD
Position: Associate Professor
Institution: Oglethorpe University
PALM Partner Affiliation: ASCB

Project: Using the Online Macromolecular Museum, case studies, and a new assessment tool to engage students in hands-on learning about the biology of Sickle Cell Anemia

Mentee: Stephanie L. Blumer, PhD
Position: Adjunct Professor
Institution: Oakton Community College & Northeastern Illinois University
PALM Partner Affiliation: ASCB

Mentor: David J. Marcey, PhD
Position: Fletcher Jones Professor of Developmental Biology
Institution: California Lutheran University
PALM Partner Affiliation: ASCB


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