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Maibach to receive funding to help consortium hone focus on health and climate equity

Grant and Award Announcement

George Mason University

Edward W. Maibach, Director, Center for Climate Change Communication; Faculty, Communication, is set to receive $247,858 from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to support the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health in sharpening its focus on health and climate equity.

The Consortium was launched in 2016 by Mason and seven prominent medical societies. The organizations came together around four key convictions: (1) climate change is a current and rapidly growing threat to human health; (2) climate solutions are a necessary long-term prevention strategy that also produce profound near-term benefits in the form of improved health and reduced health care costs; (3) our health is fundamentally determined by how well the environment we inhabit supports us--with clean air, clean water and nutritious food, and (4) health professionals can make a unique and important contribution to the public dialogue because doctors, nurses and other health professionals are consistently rated as the most trusted professions by the public.

Funding will begin in May 2020 and will conclude in late April 2021.


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