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Liotta receives funding for collaborative project

Grant and Award Announcement

George Mason University

Lance Liotta, Co-Director, Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine (CAPMM), received $72,000 from Queensland University of Technology for the project: "The Systems Biochemistry of Adaptation in Cellular Protein Networks." Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship (total $784,680).

As part of this project, research will be conducted in CAPMM laboratories under the supervision of Liotta and his CAPMM colleagues.

Mason will host Robyn Araujo, Senior Lecturer, Science and Engineering Faculty, School of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Queensland, as a visiting scholar at Liotta's CAPMM laboratories on at least an annual basis, for up to six weeks. These visits will be conducted for the purposes of consulting and collaborating with the CAPMM team in relation to research activities. Dr. Araujo is a former Mason Post Doctoral Fellow who worked with Dr. Liotta. The project utilizes a revolutionary method to understand how biologic networks ranging from cells, to populations, to ecosystems, adapt, or fail to adapt, to outside assaults.

Funding for this project began in February 2020 and will conclude in February 2024.


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