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Sleeping Through the Night: Children's sleep expert advises parents

How infants, toddlers and their parents can get a good night's sleep

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Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Sleep is essential, especially when it comes to children! According to a recent National Sleep Foundation poll, nearly 70 percent of infants and toddlers experience sleep problems and 75 percent of all parents want to change something about their child's sleep habits. Research shows that not getting the recommended hours of sleep affects a child's mood, attention, concentration, ability to learn, and daytime behavior. Thus, it is essential that children get the sleep they need. Getting a child to sleep through the night may seem like an impossible task, but it can be achieved.

Families can now rest easier. Help is here! Jodi Mindell's new book, Sleeping Through the Night (HarperResource; March 2005; $14.95), pinpoints causes of sleep problems and offers parents advice on how to create good sleep habits for their child.

"A sleepless child affects the entire family. Parents are usually at their wits' end by the time they seek advice," says Mindell. "Sleeping Through the Night is user-friendly and provides simple strategies so that everyone in the family can get a good night's sleep."

Dr. Mindell shares her experience as a pediatric sleep expert and offers advice on establishing good sleep habits early to prevent future problems. Parents will learn how to teach their baby or toddler to fall asleep on his or her own - and stay asleep until morning. She provides tips on how to deal with changes in routine and other common obstacles to a good night's sleep. She also discusses strategies for parents to improve their own sleep, highlighting common adult sleep disorders.

This completely revised edition of Sleeping Through the Night also presents updated advice from Dr. Mindell including:

  • Giving newborns the right start on sleep
  • Handling nursing and sleep
  • Solving nap problems
  • Information on cosleeping and making changes in sleeping arrangements
  • Discussion of sleep issues in multiples
  • New research on sleep needs in infants and toddlers

Dr. Mindell's method is simple, effective--and it works! This is the classic guide to a good night 's sleep for the whole family!

About the Author:
Jodi A. Mindell, Ph.D., is a leading authority on clinical sleep disorders in children and the Associate Director of the Sleep Disorders Center at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Her primary interests are in the assessment and treatment of pediatric sleep disorders. She is on the board of directors of the National Sleep Foundation, and on the advisory boards of Johnson & Johnson, Parents magazine, and She is a nationally recognized advocate for public education about children's sleep, having appeared on over 150 television and radio broadcasts, and quoted in every leading print publication.

Sleeping Through the Night
By Jodi A. Mindell, Ph.D.
ISBN: 0060742569
On Sale March 15, 2005


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