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New international open access journal on ancient and Christian ethics

Journal aims to contribute to the dialog between ethical traditions of antiquity and current ethical discourses

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Johannes Gutenberg Universitaet Mainz

The Ethics in Antiquity and Christianity research center of Johannes Gutenberg Unversity Mainz (JGU) recently founded the international open access Journal of Ethics in Antiquity and Christianity (JEAC;, which provides a platform for specialized research in ancient ethics with a particular focus on its impact and interdependence with the development of Christian ethics. The new journal with English and German contributions attempts to establish a dialog between biblical, classical, Judaistic, and patristic research on the one hand, and philosophical and theological approaches on the other. Thus, the journal opens up opportunities for interaction between the ethical traditions of antiquity - including the origins of Christian ethics - and current ethical discourses. The Ethics in Antiquity and Christianity research center is responsible for editing and publishing the JEAC.

The first issue just published is dedicated to the reflection on the hermeneutical challenges of the venture itself. It features essays and articles by Jan Assmann, William Schweiker, John J. Collins, Adela Yarbro Collins and Robert Brawley, Wolfram Kinzig, and Christoph Jedan. The second issue will look at the role of emotion in ancient and contemporary ethics. The publishing team plans further open issues, contributions for which are welcome anytime. In addition to peer reviewed essays and articles, the journal also has a dialog section, reviews and miscellany, and encourages contributions on ethical theories and issues in antiquity and the present.


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