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Frontiers in Big Data: A new open-access journal to lead the big data revolution

The peer-reviewed journal includes sections on machine learning, data privacy, data mining, artificial intelligence, and data-driven climate science, medicine and public health

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Big data is at the heart of the 4th industrial revolution -- and a new Open Access, rigorously peer-reviewed journal is helping to fuel this. Frontiers in Big Data provides a centralized pool of cutting-edge knowledge in machine learning, cybersecurity, data mining and other data-related disciplines. By making the latest research immediately and freely available through an online platform, the journal empowers researchers, citizens and companies to rapidly and efficiently share and combine knowledge -- and so drive the big data revolution.

Headed by leading experts, Frontiers in Big Data currently includes six sections:

Two of these sections, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and Medicine and Public Health, will link to the soon-to-be launched Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence journal, which will focus on core AI fields and their various applications.

Leveraging the collective intelligence of diverse research communities is critical for fast scientific progress and technological innovation. High-quality Open Access research enables this, by making ground-breaking discoveries and data sets available to academics, policy-makers, industry and the public all around the world. Frontiers' community-rooted Open Science platform takes this further by fostering crucial cross-disciplinary collaboration.

"We need the widest possible access to important research, which promotes science quality and provides the best overall return on research investment," says Professor John Kimball.

The big data solutions published in Frontiers in Big Data are freely and universally to anyone with an internet connection. Together with Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and a third upcoming journal, Frontiers in Blockchain, this pioneering Open Access journal will help drive the rapid development of novel computational techniques, new code and new data applications -- which in turn are transforming not just our approach to research, but the technologies we use and societies in which we live.

"At Frontiers we embrace the move to Open Science as a tool to efficiently disseminate knowledge and build collaborative research communities," says Dr. Felix Ohnmacht, Manager of Frontiers in Big Data.


Frontiers in Big Data welcomes high-quality article submissions and Research Topic proposals related to big data, data-driven sciences and their various applications and forms. Visit for further information and follow @FrontBigData on Twitter.

Frontiers is an award-winning Open Science platform and leading open-access scholarly publisher. Our mission is to make high-quality, peer-reviewed research articles rapidly and freely available to everybody in the world, thereby accelerating scientific and technological innovation, societal progress and economic growth. Founded in 2007 by neuroscientists Kamila Markram and Henry Markram, Frontiers has grown to become one of the world's largest open-access publishers, receiving the industry-leading ALPSP Gold Award for Innovation in Publishing in 2014. For more information, visit and follow @Frontiersin on Twitter.

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