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Bilitza receives funding for space physics data facility science support

Meeting Announcement

George Mason University

Dieter Bilitza, Research Professor, Physics and Astronomy, is working with scientists in the Space Physics Data Facility (SPDF) and with NASA Heliophysics missions to identify, acquire, archive and effectively serve appropriate and important data from these missions to meet the data responsibilities assigned to SPDF and to advance NASA's strategic science goals.

He will place special emphasis on Ionospheric, Thermospheric, and Mesospheric (ITM) data sets and relevant SPDF services. He will also provide science expertise to SPDF and potential data providers to ensure useful data products are generated and documented for correct and independent archival use by the community. Further, he will work cooperatively with SPDF to present and improve its data, services, and accomplishments.

Bilitza received $189,798 from NASA for this project. Funding began in June 2020 and will end in May 2021.


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