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Chemica.AI announces nearly $14 million (100 million RMB) Series B funding

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Shanghai, ChinaNovember 3, 2022Chemical.AI, an R&D AI technology company leveraging machine learning and big data to transform research and development in chemistry, announces the completion of Series B rounding of nearly $14 million (100 million RMB) led by Changjiang Securities Innovation and followed by Peakvest. 

This round will be used to drive the development of Chemical.AI’s ChemFamily products including ChemAIRS, ChemAIOS, ChemAIoT and ChemAILab, based on its proprietary retrosynthesis algorithm as a standard digitalized closed data loop to enhance chemical synthesis efficiency. Chemical.AI’s services facilitate chemists’ research work to be more efficient, more effective in cost/time management and to speed up drug discovery process.

Chemical.AI, an AI-empowered retrosynthesis technology company, leverages artificial intelligence technology and big data to develop tools that can greatly improve the efficiency of R&D research work, and is committed to building an intelligent synthesis management platform to deliver compounds as to shape the future of chemistry. In 2021, Chemical.AI has established an automated synthesis laboratory (ChemAILab) in Shanghai to provide more professional and efficient chemical synthesis services with AI, IoT enhanced tools, together with robotics, to enhance synthesis efficiency to 1.5 – 2 times.

Xuan Yan, Investment Director at Changjiang Securities Innovation said “Automated chemical synthesis has been difficult yet crucial in the industry. It is an inevitable trend for the future to transform. With a group of outstanding experts from chemistry, computer science, automation and artificial intelligence, Chemical.AI has built an intelligent high-throughput chemical synthesis platform based on a cutting-edge retro-synthesis algorithm in the automated synthesis laboratory, which fully integrates dry lab and wet lab solutions. The company has been recognized by world well known customers for its technology capability and superior services during collaboration. We are delighted to be partnering with Chemical.AI on the journey to become the world's leading intelligent chemical synthesis company.”

Sitong You, Partner at Peakvest said “We have been paying attention to AI applications in the pharmaceutical and healthcare fields. We believe that Chemical.AI has become a leader in AI in chemical synthesis field and we highly recognize Dr. Ning Xia, CEO of Chemical.AI, his efforts leading the team along the way. Peakvest will continue to support the company's development and make an impact in the industry together with more customers to join together.”   

Dr. Ning Xia, Founder & CEO of Chemical.AI, concluded, “ AI and automation plays more and more important role in the chemistry filed. As a company specializing in those fields, Chemical.AI continues to enhance algorithm, integrating data and automation to build an intelligent chemical synthesis platform to facilitate pharmaceutical and chemical materials industries. This round of funding will be utilized to improve ongoing development and expand to global markets. Together with our investors, the new era of intelligent chemistry is coming soon.


About Changjiang Securities Innovation Investment

Changjiang Securities Innovation Investment(Hubei) Co., Ltd, established in December 2016, is an alternative investment subsidiary wholly owned by Changjiang Securities (000783), specializing in equity investment business with own funds and with a registered capital of 2 billion RMB. Changjiang Securities Innovation Investment adheres to the "industry-focused, research-driven" investment strategies, exploring investment opportunities through in-depth industry research, focusing on three major industries: new energy, information technology and biomedicine, and actively exploring industry sectors that are closely related to the country's economic transformation and development. At present, Changjiang Securities Innovation Investment has completed 30+ investment projects and a number of projects have been successfully gone IPO.


About Peakvest

Peakvest Markets business has been laid in two major areas: private equity fund management and private equity fund research. Peakvest has years of experience in private equity fund management and has launched actively managed private equity funds, setting foot in the new economy industries, laying out in 7 disruptive industries and catching quality investment tracks.  As one of the first market-based private equity fund managers in China, Peakvest has established a qualitative and quantitative private equity fund manager selection system together with a risk management and investment research system, combined with field research and in-depth coverage of over 1,000 private equity fund managers. Following a diversified allocation concept, Peakvest makes combination investments and drives to create stable excess returns for investors on a risk-controlled basis. It also carefully constructs a whitelist to select outstanding private equity fund managers to match the appropriate market environment and acts as a good gatekeeper for investors. Peakvest has conducted long-term and in-depth research on private equity funds in the whole market, built a private equity fund selection system, formed a unique methodology for evaluation, analysis and selection of private equity funds, and established a scientific and rigorous private equity fund investment and post-investment management system. Peakvest adheres to the concept of ""client-oriented, knowledge as action"" and continues to create value for investors.”


About Chemical.AI

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