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DGIST provides AI/SW education to SL employees

Business Announcement

DGIST (Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology)

□ The president of DGIST, Kuk Yang, announced that DGIST will provide image processing and AI/SW education to SL employees at DGIST AI-SW Education and Research Center from 4th to 25th July. This move is expected to boost industry–academia cooperation and revitalize the economy by enhancing the competencies of local companies.


□ By training and educating employees, the DGIST Artificial Intelligence Major aims to increase the knowledge of AI/SW development and enhance the theoretical competencies of employees at SL, one of the leading companies in Daegu.


□ The program covers theories on digital image processing and colors, as well as the basic theories necessary for developing image processing algorithms. Moreover, employees get to learn the practical skills required in different fields to enhance their practical competencies in developing image processing algorithms. The program also opens new avenues by educating about the latest trends in artificial intelligence.


□ “This program, which includes theory and practice, as well as the latest trends, has attracted active participation from SL employees,” said DGIST Artificial Intelligence Major Professor Kyung-Joon Park. They further stated, “this is expected to create more diverse opportunities for industry-academia cooperation in AI/SW.”


□ This program is being conducted at the “DGIST AI-SW Education and Research Center,” which was opened on 25th May by Daegu and DGIST. It is located on the 3rd floor of the Smart City Center building in Suseong Alpha City and has interactive lecture halls, research labs, shared offices, and conference rooms.

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