Funded Research News

Public Release: 20-Apr-2017

Effects of alcoholism on the brain's reward system may be different in women than in men

Massachusetts General Hospital
Public Release: 19-Apr-2017

New microscopy method breaks color barrier of optical imaging

Columbia University
Public Release: 18-Apr-2017

Poor sleep in anxiety, depression may make it harder to see positive

University of Illinois at Chicago
Public Release: 18-Apr-2017

Study: Antidepressant use in early pregnancy does not increase autism, ADHD risk in kids

Indiana University
Public Release: 17-Apr-2017

Imbalances in neural pathways may contribute to repetitive behaviors in autism

JCI Journals
Public Release: 5-Apr-2017

Probiotics benefit in schizophrenia shaped by yeast infections

Johns Hopkins Medicine
Public Release: 5-Apr-2017

Schizophrenia signs in mice linked to uncoordinated firing of brain cells, says study

Columbia University