Funded Research News

Public Release: 17-Aug-2017

Higher rural suicide rates driven by use of guns

Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health
Public Release: 16-Aug-2017

Scientists use magnetic fields to remotely stimulate brain -- and control body movements

University at Buffalo
Public Release: 8-Aug-2017

High quality early intervention for children with autism quickly results in costs savings

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Public Release: 25-Jul-2017

HIV prevention dapivirine vaginal ring found safe and acceptable in US adolescent girls

Microbicide Trials Network
Public Release: 24-Jul-2017

Bird songs provide insight into how developing brain forms memories

University of Chicago
Public Release: 24-Jul-2017

US study of dapivirine ring in lactating women finds little drug gets into breast milk

Microbicide Trials Network