Funded Research News

News Release 21-May-2020

Brain's 'updating mechanisms' may create false memories

University of Technology Sydney
News Release 20-May-2020

Scientists find a new way to reverse symptoms of Fragile X

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
News Release 18-May-2020

How experiencing traumatic stress leads to aggression

Society for Neuroscience
News Release 11-May-2020

Sex, genes and vulnerability

Harvard Medical School
News Release 24-Apr-2020

Could suicide risk be predicted from a patient's records?

Boston Children's Hospital
News Release 21-Apr-2020

Study finds Tai-Chi-based mindfulness training reduced core ADHD symptoms in children

News Release 20-Apr-2020

Early exposure to cannabis boosts young brains' sensitivity to cocaine, rodent study finds

The Zuckerman Institute at Columbia University
News Release 9-Apr-2020

Mount Sinai researchers discover a novel role for dopamine that impacts gene expression related to cocaine abuse

The Mount Sinai Hospital / Mount Sinai School of Medicine