Funded Research News

Public Release: 24-May-2018

Kaiser Permanente researchers develop new models for predicting suicide risk

Kaiser Permanente
Public Release: 23-May-2018

Memory molecule limits plasticity by calibrating calcium

Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience
Public Release: 23-May-2018

The role of race in police contact among homeless youth

Crime and Justice Research Alliance
Public Release: 22-May-2018

Unlocking the secrets of HIV's persistence

Brigham and Women's Hospital
Public Release: 22-May-2018

Early life trauma in men associated with reduced levels of sperm microRNAs

Tufts University, Health Sciences Campus
Public Release: 21-May-2018

Age-related racial disparities in suicide rates among youth ages 5 to 17 years

Nationwide Children's Hospital
Public Release: 16-May-2018

Researchers find clues to treating psychoses in mental health patients

University of Missouri-Columbia
Public Release: 14-May-2018

Memory transferred between snails

Society for Neuroscience