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Little Likelihood Of Association Between Breast Implants And Connective Tissue Disease


(Risk of connective tissue disease and related disorders among women with breast implants: a nationwide retrospective cohort in Sweden)

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Since the introduction of breast implants, some reports have suggested that there is an association between implants and immunological disorders. In a study published in this week's BMJ, Nyrén et al found that in a nationwide study of over 7,000 Swedish women with breast implants (and a control group of over 3,000 women who had undergone breast reduction surgery) there was no excess risk of connective tissue disease.

The authors found that of the women with implants, 29 were hospitalised for connective tissue disease as compared to a national average of 25.5 and of the women who had undergone reduction, 14 were hospitalised as opposed to the expected 10.5. In fact, when conducting a direct comparison of the two groups of women the authors found that those with implants had a slightly lower risk of connective tissue disease than those who had undergone breast reduction surgery.

Nyrén et al conclude that there is little likelihood of an association between breast implants and connective tissue disease.


Dr Olof Nyrén, Associate Professor, Department of Medical Epidemiology, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm
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