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Media Advisory 2: Fall Meeting Themes And Special Lectures

American Geophysical Union

Fall Meeting is organized into seven interdisciplinary themes that encompass many of the sessions. These sessions will be signaled in the Program book by symbols that allow attendees to concentrate on areas of particular interest, regardless of the AGU Section hosting that session. The themes are:

Climate and Global Change, Including El Niño
Deep Earth Processes and Structures (SEDI)
Educational Enrichment
Polar Processes
Mineral and Rock Physics
Human Impacts on the Environment

Nine special lectures on a variety of earth and space sciences are scheduled as part of the meeting. All are open to the press. Following is a list, showing dates, times, session numbers, and rooms. All information is subject to modification.

Sunday, December 6
5:30 PM U72E Rm. MC134
Dr. Daniel S. Goldin, Administrator, NASA
"Vision of the Future for Earth Science From Space"

Monday, December 7
3:45 PM G12B Rm. MC303
Dr. David E. Smith, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Bowie Lecture: "Lasers in Earth and Planetary Exploration"

Tuesday, December 8
8:30 AM SM21D Rm. MC104
Dr. Margaret G. Kivelson, UCLA
Van Allen Lecture: "The Coming of Age of Comparative Magnetospheric Studies"

1:30 PM P22C Rm. MC104
Dr. John B. Adams
Whipple Award Lecture: "Mapping Spectral Hyperspace for Remote Sensing"

4:00 PM S22F Rm. MC103
Dr. James N. Brune, University of Nevada, Reno
Gutenberg Lecture: "Earthquake Physics, Precarious Rocks, and Underestimates and Overestimates of Strong Ground Motion"

4:30 PM SA22B Rm. MC124
Dr. Juan Alejandro Valdivia
Scarf Award Lecture: "Intracloud Lightning and Red Sprites"

Wednesday, December 9
11:15 AM A31H Rm. MC104
Dr. Robert D. Cess, State University of New York, Stony Brook
Bjerknes Lecture: "Clouds and Climate"

4:00 PM OS32F Rm. MC134
Dr. Michael J. McPhaden, NOAA, Seattle, Washington
Sverdrup Lecture: "The 1997-98 El Niño in Review: Lessons and Challenges for Climate Research"

4:00 PM P32D Rm. MC103
Dr. Susan W. Kieffer, Kieffer and Woo, Inc., Palgrave, ON
Shoemaker Lecture: "Physical and Chemical Processes During the Impact at Chicxulub"


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