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Police And Lawyers Should Learn From Transparency Of Selection In Medical Schools


Is Medical School Selection Discriminatory

In an editorial in this week's BMJ Dr Kamran Abbasi, Assistant Editor, commends the Council of Heads of Medical Schools for making data available on the selection procedure into the UK's medical schools. The data which has been analysed by Professor Chris McManus (and his interpretation is published in this week's BMJ) reveals that in general ethnic minorities and men are disadvantaged in the selection process. This aside, Abbasi welcomes the medical schools' transparency and says that other selection bodies such as the police and legal profession should learn by their example. He concludes that the deans of medical schools "....should use the findings as a catalyst for change instead of viewing criticism based on them as an assault on the credibility of their institutions."


Dr Kamran Abbasi, Assistant Editor, BMJ, Tavistock Square, London


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