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Chemical industry science leaders keynote CIIT meeting

CIIT - Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology

The leaders of science policy for Dow Chemical Company and the Chemical Manufacturers Association will present keynote addresses for CIIT's 31st Annual Meeting, Tuesday May 9.

Dr. James S. Bus, Science Policy Leader, Dow Chemical Company, and Dr. Carol J. Henry, CMA Vice President for Science and Research, will speak on "The Long-Range Research Initiative: Status and Future Directions." Both scientists are leading the coordination of the Long-Range Research Initiative, the chemical industry's extramural research program, which includes many ongoing studies at CIIT.

As part of the LRI, CMA has committed $100 million over 5 years for research in 10 specific areas: exposure assessment, risk assessment, respiratory toxicology, chemical carcinogenesis, endocrine modulation, immunotoxicity, ecotoxicity, atmospheric chemistry, neurotoxicity, and epidemiology. CIIT's role in the LRI comes as a result of the CIIT-CMA Research Alliance, formalized earlier this year. The Research Alliance designates CIIT as the primary facility to conduct chemical industry's generic research, while it also assures CIIT's independence as a scientific institute.

The public session of the Annual Meeting will be held at the Embassy Suites Hotel, 201 Harrison Oaks Boulevard in Cary. The session will begin at 3:30 p.m. with greetings from CIIT President Dr. William F. Greenlee, followed by the keynote speakers, the presentation of the CIIT Founders' Award, and the Founders' Award address. The recipient this year is Dr. Michael P. Czech, University of Massachusetts Medical School. He is being honored for his work on the molecular basis of insulin action on glucose transport and its impact on the study of diabetes. He is also recognized for his studies on the cell-signaling process and adding to our understanding of environmental endocrine-active compounds. Dr. Czech will speak on "Fat as an Endocrine Organ: Target for Environmental Toxins." A public reception will follow at 5 p.m. Those interested in attending the public meeting and reception should contact Ms. Edna Mangum at 919-558-1204,, or fax: 919-558-1400.


CIIT is a scientifically independent, not-for-profit institute, focusing on environmental and human health research. CIIT is dedicated to world-class research that can be used to develop regulations and voluntary programs to help ensure the safe use of chemicals. Its research is published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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