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Telemedicine Symposium Announcement: March 13-14, 2001

NIH/National Library of Medicine

Telemedicine and telecommunications: Options for the new century

The Office of High Performance Computing and Communications, LHNCBC, NLM, is sponsoring a two- day conference at the National Institutes of Health's William H. Natcher Conference Center in Bethesda MD. The meeting has been scheduled for March 13 and 14, 2001. The symposium will highlight the telemedicine research funded by NLM from 1994 to 2000. The purpose of the research is to evaluate the use of communications technology in the implementation and performance of telemedicine activities, and examine the impact of telemedicine on medical care in terms of cost, quality, and access.

NLM invites telemedicine researchers, current and prospective users of telehealth technologies, program managers, funding agency representatives, legislators, regulators, administrators, and the general public to register for the Bethesda meeting. Papers will be presented by those investigators who have participated in NLM-funded contracts pertaining to telemedicine from 1994 under the HPCC and Telemedicine Initiative awards.

More detailed information about the meeting is available from the Symposium website, You may e-mail your questions to our symposium support contractor at:


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