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A combination of zinc and vitamin A may restore night vision in pregnant Nepalese women

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

In a study of 202 pregnant women from Southern Nepal, Christian et al. determined that supplementation with zinc plus vitamin A, but not zinc alone, may restore night vision. The night-blind subjects, with a mean age of 24 and gestational age of approximately 27 weeks, were divided into six groups receiving combinations of ß-carotene (42 mg), vitamin A (7000 μg RE retinol palmitate) and zinc (25 mg) or placebo over a 3 week period. Among women with low baseline serum zinc concentrations, the relative odds of night vision being restored by a combination of zinc and vitamin A were four times greater than in the placebo group receiving no zinc. The authors conclude that zinc potentiates the effect of vitamin A in preventing night blindness.


Christian, Paul, et al. Zinc supplementation might potentiate the effect of vitamin A in restoring night vision in pregnant Nepalese women. Am J Clin Nutr 2001;73:1045-51.

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