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Plant Genetics 2003: Mechanisms of Genetic Variation

American Society of Plant Biologists

October 22nd - 26th
Snowbird Resort & Conference Center
Snowbird, Utah

This conference on Plant Genetics will be the first of an annual series of specialist meetings sponsored by the ASPB. The focus of this meeting will be on the nature and mechanisms of genetic variation and their effects on evolution of plant form and function, as well as on plant speciation and crop domestication. The meeting will bring together speakers working on different organisms, and on different aspects and approaches to the problem, with the aim of achieving a synthesis of understanding to stimulate discussion and further research. Approximately 250 participants are expected. The secluded setting and schedule are designed to facilitate ongoing interaction between the presenters and attendees. All meals will be on-site and the speakers will be in attendance throughout the entire conference. Afternoons will be free for recreation, informal discussions and other activities. Participation by graduate students and young postdoctoral fellows is strongly encouraged, and discounted rates for registration and accommodation will be available.

The program:

There will be a keynote lecture followed by seven sessions dedicated to specific topics. Each session will feature three in-depth presentations plus shorter talks based on selected abstracts. Poster sessions will be scheduled daily. Watch for the call for abstracts and information about poster session presentations in the future.

Wednesday, October 22

    Keynote Lecture
    Enrico Coen (John Innes)

    Genomes I: Natural variation and natural processes of evolution
    Maarten Koornneef (Wageningen)
    Barbara Schaal (Washington- St Louis)
    Rod Wing (Arizona)

Thursday, October 23

    Genomes II: Speciation and Crop Domestication
    Loren Rieseberg (Indiana)
    John Doebley (Wisconsin)
    Jonathan Wendel (Iowa State)

    Chromosomes: Genetics of chromosomal inheritance
    Daphne Preuss (Chicago)
    Kelly Dawe (Georgia)
    Paul Fransz (Wageningen)

Friday, October 24

    Chromatin and imprinting
    Vicki Chandler (Arizona)
    Eric Richards (Washington- St. Louis)
    Steve Jacobsen (UCLA)

    Control by movement of RNA and proteins
    HerveVaucheret (INRA)
    David Jackson (Cold Spring Harbor)
    Vicki Vance (South Carolina)

Saturday, October 25

    Plant Form and Function I: Developmental Genes
    John Bowman (UC Davis)
    Sarah Hake (PGEC)
    Ueli Grossniklaus (Zurich)

    Plant Form and Function II: Evolutionary Dynamics of Resistance Genes
    Jeff Dangl (N. Carolina)
    Joy Bergelson (U. Chicago)
    Tony Pryor (CSIRO)

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