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CIIT research on estrogens featured at national meeting

Scientist to research on estrogens featured at national meeting

The Hamner Institutes for Health

The research of CIIT scientist Dr. Li You will be featured at a news conference in San Francisco this month as part of the 84th annual meeting of The Endocrine Society.

Dr. You's research was selected as one of four new genetic studies that will be highlighted at the Society's news conference on genomics and endocrinology. Dr. You's study is among 2500 to be presented at the four-day meeting.

Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, will open the June 19th news conference with an overview on the Genome Project and genetic research.

Dr. You's research centers on the effects of endocrine-active chemicals on biological systems. He will present findings at the meeting from a developmental study on the effects of environmental exposure to the naturally occurring estrogen genistein and the pesticide methoxychlor. In Dr. You's study, male rats exposed to high levels of both chemicals before birth later developed mammary glands similar to those of female rats in early pregnancy. The mixture of the two compounds resulted in altered expression of many genes in the rats, as did exposure to each chemical individually.

While the study suggests that plant-based estrogens can alter the effects of synthetic compounds such as pesticides, the exposures studied were at dose levels unlikely to be encountered by people. The study is part of an effort to develop toxicogenomic methods for understanding how estrogen-like substances in a normal diet may affect the body's response to synthetic chemicals. Genistein is found in soybeans and soy-based foods.

The news conference will begin at 10 A.M. on June 19th at the Moscone Center. Dr. You will also present his research as part of a poster session entitled "Gene Regulation: New Technologies" on Friday, June 21st from 11 A.M. to noon and 2:30 to 3:30 P.M.


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