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Ames Lab seeking materials research proposals

DOE/Ames Laboratory

Proposals are being solicited under a Process Science Initiative (PSI) program Materials Preparation Center (MPC) at the Ames Laboratory, a Department of Energy (DOE), Basic Energy Sciences User Facility. The PSI is intended to provide researchers at national laboratories, universities and industry with access to facilities and resources, lacking at their home institution, needed to implement fundamental or "proof of concept" materials processing projects or to synthesize novel materials which are not commercially available.

There has been an increasing demand expressed during recent years for basic materials processing science. Specifically, the synthesis of new or improved materials may require new processes, modification or optimization of current practices, or modification of existing equipment. The MPC has extensive scientific knowledge about materials processing, and many unique capabilities acquired from over 50 years of successful Ames Laboratory research within the DOE materials science community. These capabilities have allowed the MPC to contribute to advances in the materials processing sciences and there are very few alternative centers in the United States or the world that researchers can turn to for similar materials processing research capabilities.

Researchers in Condensed Matter Physics, Materials Science and Physical Chemistry are encouraged to submit proposals utilizing MPC unique capabilities and facilities. High quality materials and characterization tools may also be covered as part of a research project.

Proposed projects can entail a number of the following criteria: development of fundamental materials processing knowledge, materials process models, or the preparation of "high-risk" novel materials (i.e., projects with a relatively low probability of initial success, coupled with a relatively high potential "pay-off"). The emphasis is a development of the fundamental science in the processing of materials and an understanding of the synthesis of novel materials. The research results obtained from a PSI sponsored project must be non-proprietary and are expected to be made available in the public domain through scientific publication(s).

The PSI program is open to both DOE and non-DOE Laboratory researchers to conduct materials processing research or the synthesis of novel materials using the wide variety of unique research facilities at the Ames Laboratory. Proposed projects typically extend for a 6 to 12 month performance period. Proposals for continuation of an existing PSI project should use the same request form.

As a DOE "User Facility", the Ames Laboratory MPC's unique materials synthesis and processing equipment, tools, supplies and facilities, and its specialized personnel, are available to assist laboratory, university, corporate and other researchers (researchers both inside and outside of the Ames Laboratory's DOE programs). A comprehensive list of MPC equipment and facilities is available on the World Wide Web at

Those contemplating submissions are encouraged to contact the PSI Program manager to discuss appropriateness of their proposal before final submission. Successful proposals will utilize the extensive processing capabilities of the MPC and the staff of the Ames Laboratory. One year duration projects will commence on or about the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2002. The due date for these proposals is September 3, 2002. Shorter proposals requiring 6 months or less to complete can be submitted at any time. However, the smaller proposal will be evaluated as they are received so those submitted late in fiscal year may not be considered this fiscal year if available funds are exhausted.

To find information on submitting a proposal, visit the PSI Website at:


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