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National stem cell conference in Bar Harbor

Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory

SALISBURY COVE, Maine-The Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory (MDIBL), in collaboration with The Jackson Laboratory, is hosting "Stem Cells on Land and at Sea" August 9-12. This national scientific conference that will bring together established researchers and students to discuss current technology and resources available for stem cell biologists.

Organizers of the four-day conference are John N. Forrest Jr., MD, MDIBL; Barbara K. Knowles, PhD, The Jackson Laboratory; Edward J. Benz Jr., MD, MDIBL and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute; David Barnes, PhD, American Type Culture Collection and John B. Macauley, PhD, The Jackson Laboratory.

Recent research suggests that stem cells may be used to replace cells in diseased tissues, to screen drugs and toxins, and to understand normal development of tissues and organs. This meeting will provide a unique opportunity for scientists and students to exchange ideas about the current technology and resources available for stem cell biologists. Individual speakers and panel discussions will also address perspectives on developing national policy in this area and the major societal impact of biological science.

The MDIBL conference follows The Jackson Laboratory's "Current Protocols in Stem Cell Biology," a workshop providing practical training in the manipulation of stem cells in the laboratory, which will take place August 5-9. For a complete conference agenda please log on to If you are interested in attending the conference, please contact Jeri Bowers at 207-288-9880, Ext. 105. Seating is limited.

Preliminary Program (last updated 28-May-02)

All events are held at the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory (Salisbury Cove, Maine). Individual talks are 30 min.

Friday, August 9

6 pm Traditional Maine Shore Dinner

Welcome from MDIBL-John N. Forrest Jr, Director MDIBL

Plenary speaker--Rudolph Jaenisch, Whitehead Institute, MIT

Saturday, August 10

7:30 am Breakfast

8:15 am-Session 1 - Human ES cells: state of the science-advances, boundaries, limitations
o James Thomson, University of Wisconsin, "Human Embryonic Stem Cells"
o Catherine Verfaillie, University of Minnesota, "Multipotent Potential of Adult Stem Cells"
o John Gearhart, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, "Differentiation and Transplantation of Cells derived from Human Embryonic Germ Cells"
o Peter Andrews, University of Sheffield, "Cell Surface Markers in Human ES Cells"

Noon Lunch

1 pm-Session 2 - Emerging technologies: analysis, applications and therapeutics
o Peter Igarashi, University of Texas, Southwestern, "Advances in Biology and Therapeutics Using Stem Cells"
oAndras Nagy, Samuel Lunenfeld Research Inst., Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, "Emerging Technologies in Embryonic Stem Cell Mediated Genome Alterations"

2:30 pm Break
o Loren Field, Herman B. Wells Center for Pediatric Research, "Stem Cell Therapy for the Diseased Solid Organ. Comparative Biology of Stemcells: Lessons Learned in the Process"
o Christopher Burrow, The Mount Sinai School of Medicine, "In Vitro Organogenesis: Kidney"

Saturday dinner will not be served on site and is not included in your course fee. Please take this opportunity to dine in one of many fine local restaurants.

Sunday, August 11

7:30 am Breakfast

8:30 am-Session 3 - Comparative Biology of Stem Cells: Lessons Learned in the Process
o Paul Collodi, Purdue University, "Zebrafish Embryonic Cell Culture"
o Neil Talbot, US Department of Agriculture, Animal and Natural Resources Inst., Gene Evaluation and Mapping Laboratory, "Cell Lines Derived from Farm Animal Preimplantation Embryos"
o David Barnes, American Type Cell Culture

10:45 am-Break

o Leonard Zon, Howard Hughes Medical Inst., Children's Hospital, Boston, "Utility of Zebrafish for the Study of Stem Cells"
oRobert Etches, Origen Therapeutics

12:30 pm-Box lunch

Afternoon free for exploring Acadia National Park

4 pm Poster session

6 pm Banquet and Public Lecture

Monday, August 12

7:30 am Breakfast

8:30 am Session 4 - Stem cell differentiation: Hematapoesis

o David Anderson, California Institute of Technology
o Arturo Buylla, University of California, San Francisco
o Derek van der Kooy, University of Toronto
o David Gottlieb, Washington University in St. Louis

8:30 am-Session 4 - Stem cell differentiation: Hematopoiesis
o Diane Krause, Yale University, "Plasticity of bone marrow-derived stem cells"
o Stuart Orkin, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, "Hematopoietic Stem Cell formation and Function"

10 am-Break
o Robert Hawley, The American Red Cross, "Genetic Modification of Hematopoietic Stem Cells"

11 am-Session 5-Stem cell differentiation: Neuronal differentiation
oArturo Alvarez-Bullya, University of California-San Francisco, "Progenitors for Adult Neurogenesis"

Noon Lunch

o Derek van der Kooy, University of Toronto, "Where Do Neural Stem Cells Come From and How Do They Maintain Themselves"
o David Anderson, California Institute of Technology, "Neural Stem Cell Fate Determination in the PNS and CNS"
o David Gottlieb, Washington University in St. Louis, " From ES Cells to Neural Subsets in a Dish"

3:15 pm-Break

3:30 pm-Session 6 - Stem cell differentiation: Other organ systems
o Hermann Haller, Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany. "Stem Cells and Other Mechanisms of Renal Regeneration"
o Martin Pera, Monash University

Closing remarks at 5 pm

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Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory
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