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Meeting highlights for Society of Nuclear Medicine

Terrorism & radiation, PET and radioimunotherapy

Society of Nuclear Medicine


Terrorism Involving Radioactive Materials
Saturday, June 15, 2002
12:00-4:30 pm Room 409 AB
What should health care professionals plan for? What are some of the radiation-related misconceptions that could affect care? Includes possible types of terrorist attacks and practical problems when implementing citywide response plans, preparing hospitals for terrorist events involving radioactive material, and the types and management of radiation injuries.


SNM Leadership Brief the Media
Sunday, 06/16/02 11:00 a.m. Room 303A
SNM leadership and leadership of the SNM Technologist Section (SNMTS)

  • An overview of the Nuclear Medicine profession,
  • What shortages of technologists and others can mean for patient care, and how to solve them;
  • PET initiatives and reimbursement issues.
  • Introduction of SNM's new logo and tag line.

    Medical Breakthroughs, Image of the Year
    Monday 06/17/02: Room 303A 11:30 a.m.

  • Radioimmunotherapy is the next generation of cancer fighting drugs. In 2002 it "arrived."
  • PET: predicting if chemotherapy will succeed.
  • SPECT shows diabetics without symptoms at risk.
  • PET Finds ¼ of cardiology patients on lipid-lowering drugs may still be at risk for CAD
  • Dr. Henry Wagner introduces "Images of the Year." (Images available at the briefing.)
  • PET/CT.
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