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Highlights of American Chemical Society's national meeting in Boston

American Chemical Society

Mutant head lice and chemical and biological terrorism among topics at American Chemical Society meeting in Boston

Nearly 7,000 presentations on cutting-edge scientific research will be presented at the 224th national meeting of the American Chemical Society, Aug. l8-22, in Boston, Mass. An estimated 15,000 scientists are expected to attend the meeting.

A sampling of the topics on the agenda for the meeting include:

  • Antibacterial contact lenses that outlast existing lenses
  • Medical marijuana (without the high) for pain and inflammation
  • Eradicating treatment-resistant head lice
  • A "broccoli pill" to help prevent breast cancer
  • How irradiation affects our food and packaging
  • Developing needle-free diabetes monitors
  • Discussions on chemical and biological terrorism by leading researchers

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