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2002 American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting to be held in Baltimore, Oct. 15-19

Plan ahead for ASHG Annual Meeting - October 15-19, 2002 in Baltimore, MD

American Society of Human Genetics

This year's meeting will highlight advances in the therapy of genetic disorders while including presentations in all areas of research in human genetics and genomics. Several of the invited symposia and platform presentations will focus on the therapy theme. Invited speakers and contributed papers will present new findings in basic research in gene structure and function, normal development, and abnormal states such as cancer. You will also learn about new advances in schizophrenia, zeroing in on the gene responsible for strokes, and locating susceptibility genes for asthma. What about a susceptibility gene for obesity? Find out the answer to this question and many more by attending all four days.

There will also be a Science Writers' Workshop on Wednesday, October 15, 2002 beginning at 11:00 AM. The subject for this year's workshop will be on the importance of the family history as a genetic diagnostic tool.

For more information and to request pre-meeting materials, please contact Jane Salomon ( and include your mailing address.

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